18″ Casino Grade Deluxe Wooden Roulette Wheel


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Roulette is the iconic casino game. Nothing compares to the excitement, the tension, the anticipation in the air while the wheel spins and the pill bounces, with dozens of eyes all locked in on the moment when it comes to rest in its chosen pocket. In designing this roulette wheel, we endeavored to create the truest casino experience outside of Vegas. If you live for that thrill, this is the wheel for you.

The 18″ bowl is hand-crafted mahogany stained a deep, rich red-brown. The wheelhead and turret are cast aluminum in striking, opulent shades of gold. The turnstile spins effortlessly and fluidly on computer-calibrated precision bearings. The spinning cone and ball deflectors are engineered to sharply reduce bias and produce only the fairest results. And the bottom of the bowl is lined with protective felt to keep the wheel and your table looking pristine. We also include two 5/8″ ivory-toned ceramic pills.

Not just casino quality, not professional quality, this wheel is heirloom quality. So add a distinguishing, permanent piece to your game room, or host the most lavish, authentic casino nights for years to come, and make this the last roulette wheel you ever buy.

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The wood part is very nice. But I am very disappointed regarding the sticker with the numbers. I looks like this label is to stiff and the part of this sticker comes off. It is imossible for me to fix it because it was just incorrectly installed, to close to inside circle edge and that’s why is sticking out. I am going to exchange it and I will see after that but it should be done batter way for sure. Another thing is that the diamonds should be attached a little bit stronger. Few of them move around. The wood color is Nice but not high glossy but low gloss.I received replacement and the sticker looks better so far.
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