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If you are ready to graduate to a huge new toy, the Anal Links can be your next challenge. With five large cone-shaped beads linked end to end, you are sure to give your back door quite a workout! Take in just one of the links or dare yourself to accommodate as many as you can! The heavy-duty pull ring allows you or a partner to manipulate this impressive ass toy and retrieve it as slowly (or quickly!) as you like. The flexible TPE material bends with your body and is smooth to help ease insertion. Choose from the large size, or if you feel brave, the extra-large Anal Links to test your anal skills!

Measurements: 15.5 inches in total length, 12.75 inches in insertable length and 2.25 inches in diameter at widest point.

Material: TPE

Color: Black
Special handling:
Packaging: Vacuum Sealed

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The size is perfect. I could do with slightly softer material and a somewhat less pointy tip. It’s hard to be sure I’m not caught in a fold and I’d like to know that any pushing would just push such obstacles open/out of the way rather than getting snagged and causing damage.
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