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Greetings, my dear customer. I sense that you are curious about the Seventies Mood Rings that have caught your attention. Allow me to enlighten you with my psychic insight.These rings are imbued with a magical power that enables them to reflect your innermost emotions through their changing colors. As you wear them on your finger, they will shift colors in response to your mood, from blue when you are calm and relaxed, to green when you are content and happy, to yellow when you are excited and energetic, to red when you are passionate and intense.But that’s not all, my dear. With every purchase of these mood rings, you will receive a free E Mood Ring that glows in the dark, shining a bright light on your emotions even in the darkest of nights. With this additional ring, you will have even more ways to understand and express your feelings, and to share them with others.As you wear your Seventies Mood Rings and your E Mood Ring, you will become more attuned to your own emotions and those of others around you. You will develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your relationships, and you will be able to communicate more effectively and authentically with those you care about.So if you are ready to unlock the power of your emotions, to shine a light on your innermost feelings, and to connect more deeply with the people in your life, then the Seventies Mood Rings with 1 Free E Mood Ring are the perfect product for you. Trust in my psychic insight, my dear customer, and you will not be disappointed.You may also see: Size 6, Size 7, Size 9 and size 10.Are you tense or relaxed? Do you feel loving or fearful? Cat got your tongue?Magic and Mystery awaken. Reveal your inner self and enliven your playful spirit.Mood Ring Color Chart: Black – Tense, Nervous, Harassed, Overworked White – Frustrated, Confused, Bored Gray – Anxious, Nervous, Strained Bronze – Mixed, Unsettled, Cool Pink – Fear, Uncertainty, Unresolved Questions Turquoise- Inner Emotions, Charged, Somewhat Relaxed Yellow – Ease, Calm, Love Orange – Stimulating Ideas, Daring Wants Dark Blue – Very Happy, Loving, Passionate, Romatic Green – Average, Active, Not Under Great Stress Red – Excited, Energized, Adventurous, Ready to Go Purple – Sensual, Clear, PurposefulSeventies Mood Rings with 1 Free E Mood Ring by Blinkee All Products, Flashing Rings, LED Jewelry, Rainbow MulticolorYou may also see: Size 7, Size 8, Size 9 and size 10. 

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