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Greetings, folks! ???? I’m Skuller, your quirky, light-up companion for those eerie Halloween nights! I’m a Color Change LED Skeleton Skull Necklace, perfect for adding a dash of spookiness to your festivities. ????I’m not just for show, you know. Doubling up as a fun safety light, I ensure that you’re visible and safe while trick-or-treating, keeping the Halloween horrors only to the costumes! ????What makes me special, you ask? Each of my LED Glow Skulls is attached to a breakaway black string lanyard necklace, making me a trendy and functional accessory. I promise, I won’t weigh you down. I only weigh 0.128 lbs! ⚖️I’m here to add a rainbow of colors to your Halloween night! My LED colors include red, blue, and green, all powered by three AG13 replaceable batteries. Say goodbye to dull moments when you have me around! ????Activating my glowing charm is simple. Just remove the pull tab, press the button underneath, and let the magic unfold! You can cycle through six light functions including a multicolor strobe, slow color change, still lavender light, red blink, green blink, and blue blink. Talk about variety, right? ????So why wait? Don the Light Up Skull Necklace for your Halloween celebrations, or gift it to someone who loves a good, creepy surprise. I assure you, I’m the life…or should I say, the afterlife of the party! ???? ???? Spooky Accessory: The Color Change LED Skeleton Skull Necklace is your perfect spooky accessory, ideal for adding a unique touch to your Halloween ensemble. ???? Safety Light: Doubling as a safety light, this necklace ensures you’re visible and safe during Halloween night, perfect for trick-or-treating. ???? Multicolor LEDs: Equipped with red, blue, and green LEDs, the necklace brings a colorful, bright charm to your festive look. ???? Replaceable Batteries: Powered by three AG13 replaceable batteries, this necklace ensures the light, and the fun, never ends at your Halloween party. ⚙️ Multiple Light Functions: The necklace features six light functions, including a multicolor strobe, slow color change, still lavender light, and blinking in red, green, and blue. ????️ Comfortable Lanyard: Attached to a breakaway black string lanyard necklace, the LED glow skulls sit comfortably around your neck throughout the festivities. ???? Lightweight: Weighing just 0.128 lbs, the necklace guarantees comfort, letting you enjoy your Halloween night without feeling weighed down. ????️ Easy Activation: Activating the light functions is simple – just remove the pull tab, press the button underneath, and experience the magic! ???? Perfect Gift: This fun and unique necklace makes for a perfect Halloween gift for your friends and family, sure to make their celebrations extra memorable. ???? Fun for All: Suitable for both adults and kids, this necklace adds an extra layer of fun and safety to any Halloween event or costume party.

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