Light Up White Fairy Butterfly Wings


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Hello, fellow magical being! I’m the Blinking LED White Fairy Wings – or just ‘Blinky’ for my pals. ????You might have wings made of cheese, candy, or even, well, feathers, but mine? They’re LED-tastic! Let’s just say I can Flash, Blink, and go Steady – talk about versatile. ????With me, you don’t need a magic wand to turn heads. Just throw me on, and poof, you’re the most whimsical fairy princess in the room. Or is it a sparkling white butterfly you want to be today? Your wish is my command! ????✨Worried about size? Honey, I’ve got you covered (literally). Measuring at a splendid 17″ x 14.5″, I’m like the Cinderella slipper of wings – almost always a perfect fit! Plus, I’m lighter than a feather at 0.6 lbs. You won’t even feel like you’re carrying anything! ????Got plans to hit a party or dive into a magical realm? Just remember to remove my pull tab and give my little battery pack button a press. We’ll light up the night together! ????????Oh, did Princess Reeva mention my fabulous colors? Red for passion, Blue for dreams, and Green for enchantment. When they all blink, the magic is undeniable. ????????????Now, about the glitter. It’s the icing on the cake, the sparkle in the sky, the… you get the idea. I’m sheer, shiny, and shimmer-tastic!✨What’s that? Battery concerns? Pssst… I’ve got (3) AG10 buddies tucked in, and they’re replaceable. So our party won’t stop for a loooong time. ????Remember, every fairy tale needs a little glow, and with me, you’ll have a whole lot of it. Join me, and let’s make magic! ????????

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